Splash 2019 'Mayflower- The Journey Begins' playicon
In July 1620 the Mayflower ship set sail from Rotherhithe in Southwark, the start of its journey to ‘The New World’ as America was then known. It carried a group that would go on to be known as the Pilgrims who were in search of a new life of religious freedom, escaping the persecution they faced from the Church of England as created by Henry VIII. The ships story and Southwark’s role in that historic voyage are deeply intertwined. Rotherhithe has a long seafaring and ship building history and was the place where Christopher Jones, the captain and part owner of the Mayflower, along with many of the crew lived. This is the first of two shows on this theme, with a completed version to be performed in the Royal Festival Hall in June 2020 the 400th Anniversary of the Mayflowers voyage.
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  Splash 2018 'Anthology' playicon
Over the past 10 years we at Southwark Music Hub & It’s All About the Music Trust feel privileged to have been able to work with many thousands of Southwark pupils in our annual summer Splash shows in Southbank Centre’s Royal Festival Hall & Queen Elizabeth Hall, along with many thousands more who have been part of our winter Splash events on The Clore Ballroom Floor at Royal Festival Hall.
We thank our partners at Southbank Learning & Participation for giving our pupils the opportunity to perform in this world class venue. We are marking the occasion today with performances of some great music from Splash shows pas.
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  Splash 2017 'How High The Moon' playicon
On Aug. 21st 2017, people across the United States will see the sun disappear behind the moon, turning daylight into twilight, causing the temperature to drop rapidly and revealing massive streamers of light streaking through the sky around the silhouette of the moon. On that day, America will fall under the path of a total solar eclipse.  This occurs when the disk of the moon appears to completely cover the disk of the sun in the sky. The fact that total solar eclipses occur at all is a quirk of cosmic geometry. The moon orbits an average of 239,000 miles from Earth — just the right distance to seem the same size in the sky as the much-larger sun. This total solar eclipse captured our imaginations and has inspired us to create a piece that perfectly showcases the vocal & dance talents of the wonderful children in our Southwark schools whilst also serving to inspire our next generation of astrophysicists! As ever, we feel incredibly grateful and privileged to create new material for Southwark's emerging talent to perform and appreciate all the fantastic support of parents and teachers as we tour the borough workshopping it in the lead up to our heart-warming show.
Creators of the Piece - Ross Power, Laura Howe, Natasha Khamjanir
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  2016 SPLASH 'Shakesperia'  playicon
This year, Splash embraced 400 years of Shakespeare’s work by fusing some of his better-known quotations through the genre of Electronic Dance Music and Street Dance to realise a world of emotions and life themes. Inspired by these extracts, poet Mark Charles wrote modern day poetry interpreting the pure sentiment of Shakespeare’s original text. The music and songs took another journey of inspiration from Mark’s poems whilst also working closely with the choreography to make a feature of the fantastic ‘Splash’ dance troupes working with professional dancers Michael Andrew Naylor and Page Barrington Bobb. We hope you enjoy the energy and charisma of Splash’s song and dance cycle, Shakesperia!
Creators of the Piece Laura Howe, Natasha Khamjani & Ross Power
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  2015 'Christmas Splash 15'
Following a series of weekly in-school vocal workshops, Thursday 10th December saw over 300 Southwark primary school children come together on the Clore Ballroom Floor at the Royal Festival Hall for a celebration of massed part-singing. Led by ‘Splash’ tutor/composers Laura Howe & Ross Power the children performed seasonal songs old & new including a specially arranged mashup of traditional carols called Mega Carol! 
  2015 'The Love Architects and the fallen city of Arcadia' playiconplayicon playiconplus
Southwark Splash returned with a summer show exploring the themes of the Festival of Love.
Love Architects was performed by over 500 Southwark children under the artistic direction of composers Laura Howe and Ross Power and choreographer Natasha Khamjani. They created a blueprint to rebuild the fallen city of Arcadia through singing, dance, instrumental performance, art and design.
Did they succeed in bringing their plan to life in buildings and places where love and respect are key?
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  2014 'Southwark Christmas Splash'
Over 250 children from primary schools across Southwark come together to share seasonal songs.
This performance follows a series of in-school workshops under the artistic direction of Southwark Splash tutors Laura Howe and Ross Power. A vibrant and energetic celebration to start to the Christmas season with songs old and new!
  2014 'The Bloodless Giant' playicon
Over 500 Southwark children join together to tell a story exploring the seven ancient Greek definitions of different types of love. Led by a creative team including composers Ross Power and Laura Howe, choreographer Natasha Khamjani, poet and writer Cheryl Moskowitz, animator James Sandifer and percussionist James Larter, the children bring you the story of Bloodless - a sad lonely giant who is given new life through gifts of love. The result of intensive creative work in schools, writing poetry, singing, dancing and playing, these art forms intertwine around the dynamic and exciting rhythms of the percussion groups that represent the ever warming 'heart' of Bloodless.
Royal Festival Hall • Wednesday 9th July 2014 • 7.00pm.

  2014 'Southwark Vocal Magic'
The explosive force of nearly 300 Southwark students coming together to share inspirational songs. 
Building on the legacy of Southwark Splash, the concert is the result of a series of in-school workshops coordinated by All About The Music and artistic direction comes from vocal leader Mark De Lisser and his Academy of Contemporary Music vocal tutor team.
Part of Chorus! 2014 and Classical Season 13/14
  2013 'A Winter Celebration'
5 Vocal workshops with our fantastic Splash Vocal Team, Resources for use in class or assembley, Massed Rehearsal with classes from across the borough resulting in a performance for friends and parents with a great live band. The Great Hall Goldsmiths College.
  2013 'Out Foxed'  playicon playicon  imlink
Do you talk to your neighbours? The foxes of London attempt to make us a bit more communicative! 
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  2013 'Spring UP' playicon
Children from 12 Southwark Schools work with Mark DeLisser & his ACM team to produce this performance in March 13.
  2013 'World Piece'  playicon
Imagine. . .  The Mayan Calendar drawing to a close. A suffering world destined to end. Five orb-like artefacts distributed to five ancient continents, lost. An epic adventure scaling the globe in search of the answer to new life and new beginnings. United voices celebrating the power of innocence and a brave new world. 
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  2012 'A Bird’s Eye View' playicon 
As the world come to London for the Olympics, the children of Southwark take a bird’s eye view of where they are all coming from!
Splash12 Draft ProgrammeT

2012 'Imagine' playicon
1. Close up With Charles Hazlewood & the Philharmonia Orchestra: From the New World.
2. Close up With Charles Hazlewood & the Philharmonia Orchestra: Pictures at an exhibition.

2011 'All About The Music'  playicon
As the Southbank celebrates the 50th. anniversary of the Festival of Britain, the 10 year old Mayor of Southwark commissions a ‘Festival of Southwark’ to be created by the children of Southwark! The first appearance of our signature song!
Cover Southwark Splash2011T

2011 'Spring into Voice' playicon
Southwark Schools present 'Spring into Voice' April 2011 Queen Elizabeth Hall Southbank Centre.
  2010 'Through the Stars & Beyond' playicon
Southbank Learning and Participation asked that we collaborate with the Royal Society to celebrate their 350th Anniversary.
  Cover Southwark Splash2010T
  2009 The First Kiss of dawn
A magical story of kings, queens, princesses and butterflies wings all set in New London!

  2008 'Word Garden II' 
A reworking & development of the themes created in the 2007 show.
  2007 'The Word Garden’
This year saw a more integrated approach to our work, with children working in partnership across schools. Inspired purely by the use of language, this collaboration between an author/poet and a group of musicians led the children through the process of devising songs for performance by the massed group, not just their own class.  
“Words are like spears, once they are released they can never return!” African proverb
  2006 ‘Endangered Species’ & ‘Mouse-Deer’
In the Queen Elizabeth Hall for the first time with use of all the exciting resources that the Southbank had to offer. Endangered Species, inspired by a song commissioned by the London Philharmonia’s Education department. 
Mouse-Deer a piece devised to hi-light the Southbank’s Gamelan following its residency in Southwark during the refurbishment of the Southbank Centre.
  2005 'Unexpected Journeys'

  2004 Best of Peckham  - 'Hall of Mirrors'    Best of Peckham2004T
  2003 Best of Peckham - 'Bringing the House Down'   Best of Peckham 2003T
  2002 Best of Peckham - 'Journeys'   Best of Peckham 2002T
  2001 Peckham Splash - 'The Underwater Circus'
Over 200 children engaged with artists to work on themed individual items in the 10 schools taking part. Composers, artists, dancers, puppeteers & musicians were all assigned an area to develop with their respective groups before coming together for the big performance in the hall of Warwick Park School.
  Best of Peckham 2001T