We inspire children and engender in them a love of the arts that we believe can do so much to enrich their lives. As schools find it increasingly difficult to provide the resources needed to support high quality arts teaching & performance opportunities, ‘All about the Music’ aims to redress the imbalance.

With our current funding we have been able to provide opportunities for children that individual schools could never aspire to - to be part of large scale performances, with high production values, directed by professional artists of the highest calibre who have expertise in working with children.

We produce projects that bring together children from all parts of the borough in a common purpose, to share something special in an atmosphere of trust and positivity, a major contribution to developing greater social cohesion in our borough.

In addition to our school-based work, we have been able to support the work of the Music Service’s advanced ensembles by enabling them to participate in events that a lack of funds would have precluded.

The initial formation of ‘The David Idowu Choir’ (KS4/5), with its agenda to bring students from different schools together as a united voice against knife crime in the borough, has been supported all the way by us in collaboration with ‘The David Idowu Foundation'. With our support, having made their way through the first round, the choir were able to take their place in the Music for Youth Festival in Birmingham. They were highly acclaimed by the judges & received ‘The Martyn Donaldson Music Trust Senior Choirs Award’.
Southwark Youth Orchestra has with the help of our funding has been able to perform on the ballroom floor at the Southbank on several occasions in the past couple of years, giving our players the opportunity to play alongside young professionals. It has also played in the Festival Hall with the Philharmonia Orchestra conducted by Charles Hazlewood, another project brought to the children of Southwark by the Southbank as a result of the high regard in which they hold our innovative work.