The Professionals

Talking about his work with the EiS for the Southbank's Imagine projects; Charles Hazlewood said of the children.
 . . .they stood there, they were proud, they were loud, they were strong, they were focused. It was their material they were sharing with a packed Festival Hall audience. It was a very exciting moment." 

Neill Quinton from the Southbank said of our work “ . . .Each year, Southwark Splash is a true highlight in the artistic calendar here on the Southbank - it really is rare to experience such a combination of unbounded ambition, enormous scale and inspirational, foot-tapping quality.  That’s down to many things: the raw talent of Southwark’s young people and the creative and supportive environment their schools and families provide, a first-class artistic and organisational team at Splash, years of nurturing a way of working that puts kids first yet never compromises on artistic integrity, and – inevitably – lots of money. It’s vital that such work continues.  Neill Quinton - Music & Participation Programmer, Southbank Centre”.

The Media
A documentary about our work. It's All About the Music lightbox[filetypes 640 390]It's All About the Music  

Parents & Public

I found myself on the 176 bus this morning surrounded by a group of year 5 pupils from your school. Early in the morning, on my way to work at the end of a really tough week, the last thing I wanted was a rowdy bunch of kids disturbing my planning for the day ahead. But by the time they got off the bus at Waterloo, I was ready to get off with them, throw in the towel at work and retrain as a teacher. My young fellow passengers were so excited about the day ahead - a dress rehearsal and performancve at the Southbank. They told me all about it, how they had been rehearsing for weeks, how they were confident but a little nervous. They boasted about being maths geniouses and being great at trumpet, how they were proudly exceeding national averages and reading chapter books, performing at the Albert Hall and already discussing which secondary schools they wanted to attend. I have rarely seen such a lovely group of enthusiastic, bright, polite and harmonious kids. It made me feel motivated and emotional and positive about education and the future. I salute you and your colleagues. You must be doing something so right. This is a testament to you and to the Southbank Centre for providing such a vibrant cultural platform for schools in South London and beyond. Rebecca King Lassman

The Children

Letter3 Michael Farady Child
Letter Michael Farady Child