ACE ExcellenceInSouthwark OnceUponATime 184OUR AIMS

All of our projects are underpinned by the following philosophies, aims & objectives:  

  • Have an impact on society through the development of social cohesion within our communities.
  • Foster the growth of self-confidence & worth.
  • Contribute to children’s health & wellbeing, both physical & mental.
  • Prevent children from moving towards negative behaviours by providing positive & inspiring alternative focuses.
  • Create environments that remove the barriers of elitism, ethnicity, gender, special educational needs & social class.
  • Help students to generate their own wealth through their creativity
  • Develop a positive social & cultural mix.

  • That as many Southwark children experience the thrill of performing in a commercial world-class venue with all the production values that this brings.
  • That they have the opportunity to work with artists & tutors who are the best in their areas of expertise.
  • That we hi-light the potential for learning through the arts & the need for the development of creativity as a way of developing future economic & financial security.
  • That whilst we want the final production to be of the highest possible quality, and extend the children’s skills, this should not be at the expense of having a rewarding & above all enjoyable experience. 
  • That we should expose the children to as many art forms as we can, either directly or by association.
  • That we leave a legacy, not only within the individual children, but the schools, teachers & TA’s.
  • We would hope to foster a love of the arts & through them, develop the skills that are going to help students to be creative, happy, confident & successful members of society.
  • Use our projects to enhance & support learning across the curriculum.
  • That the students produce a performance they are proud to be part of and feel ownership of.
  • To show that the children of Southwark are capable of amazing things.