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Upcoming Events

Created on 05 June 2014. Posted in public

  UPCOMING EVENTS 7pm Wednesday 24th June 2020 Royal Festival Hall 'The Mayflower and the Karibou’  A show to make the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s epic voyage to the New World. ...


Created on 08 April 2013. Posted in public

Homepage Main

Created on 17 March 2013. Posted in public

... and direct their own projects in world class venues. With a big emphasis on CPD our teachers and classroom assistants are expected to fully participate in all sessions in order to gain skills that they ...


Created on 16 March 2013. Posted in public

... of Southwark. The 'Festival of the world' welcoming the 2012 Olympics to ‘A bird’s Eye View’, and the 2013 theme of ‘Neighbourhoods’ has inspired “Out Foxed’. Our vocal work has been further ...

Past Projects

Created on 16 March 2013. Posted in public

  PAST PROJECTS   Splash 2019 'Mayflower- The Journey Begins' In July 1620 the Mayflower ship set sail from Rotherhithe in Southwark, the start of its journey to ‘The New World’ ...


Created on 13 March 2012. Posted in Blog

...  Hold me close, don't let me fall away from this, our brave new world.... Hold them near, away the cry, of darkness dear, our brave new world. Fearful hearts, speaking of woe, Hateful ...

Our Aims

Created on 02 May 2011. Posted in public

... world-class venue with all the production values that this brings. That they have the opportunity to work with artists & tutors who are the best in their areas of expertise. That we hi-light ...